I kicked off my 2017 wedding season by documenting the wedding of Tase and Jeff. This sweet couple got married over Memorial day weekend at the White Eagle Banquet and Conference Center in Hamilton, NY. Although the day threatened rain, in true upstate NY fashion, the forecast changed last minute and the rain held off for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. After the ceremony, Tase, Jeff, and the rest of their family and friends partied the night away. Enjoy the photos :).

 Wedding dress hangs in a window.

 Full length wedding dress hangs in an empty room. The dress is white and lacey.

 Flower girl watches bride as she gets her make up done. A black and white image with dramatic lighting.

 Black and white image of bride's eyes as a makeup artist applies makeup. 

 Black and white image of a bride putting on her wedding gown. Her bridesmaids help her.

 Portrait of bride holding her bouquet of flowers. She is wearing a veil and gazing out of the window. 

 Bride looks down at her bouquet of white flowers. She is in a white wedding gown with a veil and she is standing against a stark yellow wall.

 Portrait of a groom in a black tuxedo with a blue tie.

 The groom and groomsmen stand in a line against a back drop of green trees. The sky is dark with clouds.

 A black and white image of the groom and groomsmen. The groom looks at the camera while the groomsmens talk behind him.

 Bridesmaids stand together in light blue dresses laughing.

 Black and white image of bridesmaids and bride leaning against a fence.

 Portrait of a bride in front of a flowering cherry tree. She is wearing a white dress and holding a bouquet of flowers.

 Groom waits for bride at the alter

 Bride and her father walk down the outside aisle at her wedding.

 Father kisses bride on the cheek at the end of the aisle.

 Wide view of an outdoor wedding ceremony.

 The bottom half of two flower girls. They have rose petals in their dresses and are holding baskets of flower petals.

 Bride and groom laugh during their wedding ceremony. They are under a birch tree arch. The maid of honor stands next to them laughing.

 Bride and groom share their first kiss during their outdoor wedding ceremony. They are standing under a birch tree arch adorned with flowers. There is a pond in the background.

 Bride and groom walk down the aisle post wedding ceremony as guests blow bubbles around them. The image is in black and white. The bride is smiling up at the groom.

 Bride and groom stand in front of the their bridal party. The bridal party mingles in the background while the bride and groom look at the camera. They are in front of a red brick building with a white awning.

 Bride and groom look at each other. They are standing in front of a covered wooden bridge.

 Black and white image of the bride and groom. The bride rests her head on the back of the grooms shoulder. She gazes into the camera while the groom looks off into the distance.

 Groom kisses bride on the side of the head while bride gazes off over her shoulder. There are green trees behind them.

 Bride and groom twirl on green grass. There are white flowers around them. Pine trees are in the distance. The bride is holding her white lace wedding gown in one hand.

 Portrait of a bride in a white wedding dress. She has a jewel belt around her waist. She is looking over her shoulder. There is green grass and a lamp post in the background.

 Floral centerpiece on wedding table.

 First dance of bride and groom. The wedding party looks on. There are chandeliers hanging above them.

 Bride and groom have first dance. Bride smiles at groom.

 Groom spins bride during first dance at their wedding reception.

 Best man gives a toast to the bride and the groom. The couple smiles. 

 The maid of honor gives a speech. The bride looks up at her.

 The bride and her father laugh during the father daughter dance at her wedding. They are in a large ball room.

 The bride and her father share a sweet moment during the father daughter dance at her wedding. The father kisses the side of her head while the bride smiles.

 Flower girl sits on the stairs at the wedding reception. She is looking down on the dance floor.

 Bride and groom share a silly dance moment on at their wedding reception. The bride has her arms up in the air. Friends dance in the background.