Kailey and Michael – Geneva, NY Wedding

With a sunny day, a lakeside view, and all of their family and friends in one place, Kailey and Michael had the makings for a perfect wedding day. Documenting their wedding at The Ramada Geneva Lakefront was an absolute joy and I hope you enjoy the photos below :).

 White wedding gown hanging on reflective windows.  Bride get's makeup applied. She has a veil on.  Bride in white halter gown with lacework. She is against a blue background looking off into the distance.  Bride looks down at giant bouquet of coral flowers. She is in a white gown. Her hair has curls. She has a veil on.  Groom adjusts tie against blue background. He is looking out of a window.  Black and white image of a groom putting on his vest.  Portrait of a groom against a blue background. He is looking at the camera.  Portrait of a groom against a blue background. He is looking away from the camera.  Black and white up close image of a groom looking out a window. He is smiling slightly.  Bride and groom hold hands around a corner exchanging gifts.  Bride and groom look at gifts that were exchanged around a corner.  Groom gets emotional seeing his bride walk down the aisle.  Bride and her father walk down the aisle.  Bride looks at groom and says vows during wedding ceremony.  Bride and groom share first kiss.  Bride and groom walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. Guests blow bubbles at them.  Bride looks back at groom outside near a lake. A man is fishing in the background.  Bridesmaids wearing navy blue dresses surround a bride in a white gown. They have coral flowers. They are laughing.  The groom and groomsmen have their backs to a lake. They are wearing sunglasses. There are clouds in the sky.  Bride holds groom from behind. Groom looks out into the distance. There is green grass behind them.  A close up of the bride's face. She has sapphire earrings on. The groom is kissing the side of her head.  An image looking up at the bride and groom from below. There is a tree above them. The groom has his arms wrapped around the bride and is kissing her.  A black and white image of the bride and groom entering the reception. They have their hands up in the air.  A black and white image of the first dance at a wedding. The bride is smiling at the groom.  A mother daughter dance. The mother is smiling at her daughter. The back of the brides dress is covered in lace.  Bride laughs while dancing with her mother.  Mother son dance. The mother is laughing while dancing with the groom.  The groom looks fondly at his mother during the mother son dance at his wedding reception.  The bride laughs as her maid of honor delievers a toast.  The best man holds up a giant speech as a joke.  A black and white image of the groom laughing as a groomsman delievers a toast.  An image of the bride and groom on a pier at sunset. They are facing each other with their forheads touching.  Groom kisses his bride on a pier at sunset. A blue lake is in the background.  A bride in a white wedding dress stands in the center of a pier at sunset. The blue lake surrounds the pier. She looks over her shoulder.  Bride and groom look at each other sweetly. There is sun flare in the image. The bride is sitting on the grooms lap.  Bride dancing with her mom during the reception.

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