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If your love were a color, what would it be? (My guess is that it's not neutral.) Love moves us. It’s most visible when you’re laughing. And the best photos are the ones that capture in all the colors.


Unimportant bullshit isn’t your style. For you, getting married is a chance to get together with the people you care about, eat good food, drink good wine, and make this commitment shebang really fun.


Like the way you smile at each other. Or how your family hops right in at the end of your first dance and you all jump around together, laughing. Let’s put the life in ‘til death do us part.

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I want you to have a wedding day where you know that you being yourselves — whatever that looks like — is the most beautiful thing in the world from behind my lens. You don’t have to rush, stress, or orchestrate your family (lemme take care of that part). You can laugh and eat really yummy food. And get happy and sweaty on the dance floor with the people you care about.

And whether it’s one month from now or 50 years from your wedding, I want you to look back at your photos and feel those happy, sweaty feelings all over again.

Okay, now I’m getting excited!! 


“I cannot tell you how happy we are that we chose Caly, but I will try! While we were drawn to working with Caly because of the beauty and vibrancy of her photos, she’s just the kindest person. She made us feel so comfortable and she does a beautiful job capturing real emotion. Her portraits are stunning and her candids are incredible; my family has had a good laugh looking at all of the dancing photos.”


Need someone in your corner for these big moments?

I’m Caly, and that’’s what I’m here for...

I’m someone who can take any type of chaos and transform it into calm. I’ll roll with the punches if the schedule gets a little wonky or if it decides to rain (and who will reassure you that it’s okay if it does). Above all else, you want the person following you around with a camera (like a stealthy chameleon) to be a person you feel comfortable with. Does it feel like I’m reading your mind a little bit right now? Don’t panic — I’ve been told it’s one of the things I do best."

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“Caly was a dream to work with. She was easy to talk to, professional, and both listened well and brought her own ideas to the table. She captured so perfectly the joy of our special day, and understood the mood and 'personality' of the setting as well as the people. We wanted photos that reflected who we are, not copies of what everyone else is doing, and we couldn't be happier with the results. She provided direction so gently that even this camera-shy girl felt completely comfortable throughout the entire process. Caly is brilliant. She is an artist and a professional, and I 100% recommend her!”


Your photos should be as real as you are.

Feel like YOU...

For a love that lets you be (and celebrates) exactly who you are, you deserve a photographer who will make you feel comfortable being yourself.