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Printed makes perfect

Your partner’s laugh is too beautiful to be trapped in a world of pixels – your smile is too grand to be held hostage inside an iPhone!

Your photos are little slices of life, and if you ask me, photos have lives of their own. They beg to be held, looked at, and passed down. They need a little sunlight, and they’re not afraid of collecting some dust if it means they got to leave the box (or the screen).

 Life happens in your home. That’s why I offer a keepsake box of prints or an heirloom album as an add on to any package.

I trust that you’ll give them a beautiful life.

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“I wish I had found Caly before we got married, and I almost think it would be worth it to get married again JUST to have her take the pictures. 100% recommend.”


“I can't say enough about how wonderful Caly truly is. She arrived on time and stayed until the very end. She is easygoing, and most of the time I didn't even know she was there! We recently received our photos and we LOVE them. Going through the hundreds of pictures allowed us to "relive" our wedding day. Caly captured the emotions, the excitement, and the love that filled our day. She is amazing!


“Caly did an amazing job capturing our special day. She was incredibly professional and easy to work with. We didn't even notice her at all during the wedding. We did however notice her incredible talent, artistic touch, and attention to detail in every single one of our 800+ pictures. We also loved the wedding book she put together for us.”