My philosophy behind the camera is simple: do whatever it takes to help you feel comfortable.

That, and look for the laughter. Always. 

The moment you step in front of my lens, I want you to feel celebrated. Your identity is valid, your body is yours, and you are welcome to be yourself. In this photography business, we believe Black lives matter, love is love, and all bodies are beautiful.

 I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to help you feel at ease. I won’t leave you standing there feeling awkward. I’ll give you gentle guidance to help you be natural with each other. The second you’re feeling like yourselves? You’ll forget I’m there (even though I’ll be snapping away, like a stealthy photo ninja).

Moments with your people > things.

This is why I focus on the moments.

Of course, I’ll get the shots of your rings lookin’ nice and shiny and of that delicious cake before it gets devoured. But I won’t miss a chance to snap a shot of your best friend and you sharing a hug or a joke. When you and your spouse exchange a hidden smile or laugh during your ceremony, that’s what I’ll be most excited to capture. And catching your nephew busting a silly dance move? I mean… priceless. These are the moments you’ll want hanging on your kitchen walls years from now. The moments that'll still bring you joy even though you've returned to them hundreds of times.

“Caly is a photo ninja, completely blending into the background, but at the same time, managing to capture the small moments that make memories. I love the way she edited our photos to emphasize color. I am somewhat self-conscious about having my picture taken, but her subtle direction when we were doing couples portraits made for some really beautiful (and not cheesy!) images. I cannot recommend her enough!”


What’s in my photography bag, you ask?

– Safety pins
– Tide to go
– A whole bunch of lenses
– A touch of magic

 I will fix your boutonniere, take care of any surprise stains (surprise stains happen), and have lenses on lenses so I can surprise you with photo magic, later. 

No one wants to spend their wedding day posing for hours.

I’ll be efficient, so you can get back to your people.

Before your wedding happens, I make sure to get a list of the photos you know you want and the people you want in them. The day of, we get those photos taken care of as quickly as possible (and you don’t need to orchestrate a thing — I’ve got you covered).

As far as portraits of just the two of you, give me 10 minutes at golden hour (I’ll come find you when the light is right), and I’ll take care of the rest. Don’t be surprised when I run around in circles with multiple lenses like an Olympic athlete. We’re making beautiful art!

The rest of the time? You enjoy your day. Get in on that dance floor action. Eat that cake. Drink that champagne. Pop that confetti.