We believe every photograph tells a small story in its frame, a still-life of your truth: your happiness bold and bright, your love big and cinematic. Our love is in capturing those brilliant and breathtaking moments as you experience each and every one.

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Being present on your wedding day is my wish for you.

And it’s what I’m practicing all the time as a mom, a wife, a friend, and as a photographer. For me, it means being mindful of each moment as it unfolds, pausing to see its vibrancy and depth. Seeing a moment’s color and capturing a story in images has always connected with me and inspired me.

For me, being a photographer is also so much more intentional than taking a beautiful photo. It’s about how I continually challenge myself to see a situation creatively. To pay close attention to every single shot. It’s about connection, comfort, and so much trust. You chose me to document this day, and I bring every ounce of my focus and commitment to that job: working calmly and quietly behind the scenes, but also stepping up, shifting plans, and problem solving quickly.


Truth. This is what I love most about wedding days.

It lives in your love for each other. It reflects in your vows to one another. It appears in every moment of the day: in your best friend’s smile, your flower girl’s twirl on the dance floor. Your father’s toast, your mother’s tears of joy.

Even after working in the wedding industry for over 20 years, first as a planner and then a photographer, this remains unchanged for me. I always look for truth. While some photographs we still stage—so you can look back on your family for generations to come or remember the exact colors of your flowers—we try to stay on the outside looking in. You remain in the moment; it’s yours.

We preserve your memories in our heirloom albums!

We capture your wedding day!

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